South Utah County Fire Evacuees

South Utah County Fire Evacuees

September 16, 2018

Relief agencies and first responders met Sunday September 16, 2018 and issue the following update:

  1. As of September 16th, the fires are less than 2% percent contained and are still a real threat to our communities.
  2. Evacuees who have been displaced by the fires shouldn’t plan on returning home for two weeks or until further notice.
  3. Evacuees who have been displaced by the fires may return to their homes for 5-10 minutes for emergency/vital needs. Please check in with law enforcement at your neighborhood entrance. If it is not safe, you will not be allowed in.
  4. Nebo School District schools will be in session Monday September 17th.
  5. The Supply Center distributing supplies to evacuees and their host families is located at Nebo School District Advanced Learning Center at 161 E. 400 N., Salem, UT (kitty corner from Chevron) Hours are 8 am – 8 pm September 17th and from noon – 6 pm each day thereafter.
  6. While very appreciative of the outpouring of help, no new donations are being accepted at the present time until further notice. A needs assessment will be performed each day for future needs.


Your patience and neighborly kindness is highly appreciated.

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